Hi everybody!

Today I bring you some ideas to recycle and reuse materials that you can find around the house to make some cool crafts.


You can make many different things using egg boxes. In this case we use them to create some flowers.

Podéis inspiraros en las flores que vayáis encontrando en vuestro entorno, y usarlas para decorar, regalar, adornar otros objetos, etc.

In this tutorial you will find the steps to make it:


  • A paper egg carton.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue gun or white glue.
  • Paint to colour it.


One good way to reuse old office supplies (paper clips, pen caps, etc.) is using them to create a spaceship, in this case a x-wing from star wars.

Os animo a que hagáis vuestras propias versiones de este proyecto, podéis construir cualquier cosa que se os ocurra.

In this tutorial you will find the steps to make it:

Some examples:


  • Paper clips, pen caps, old sharpeners, dry markers, etc. Anything you want to reuse.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue gun (or celo tape) to assemble the different parts.
  • Paint to decorate it.

Podéis enviar las fotos a mi correo electrónico: alicia.otero@cldv.es