Good morning. (At the end you have the answers to last week’s activities)

Today is evaluation day.

Here you have a reading activity from British council. Read the tips for a tidy desk now that you are working at home and answer the questions.

In this link is the text in the web.

Or open this document and you have the text in pdf.


do this exercise in your notebook (you can print and glue) and take a photo and send it to classroom.

Have a nice day.


Hoy empezamos la semana con unas actividades evaluables.

Lo primero es una lectura comprensiva. Se puede leer online pulsando este link.

O descargar este documento


Luego hacer estos ejercicios en el cuaderno (se puede imprimir y pegar en el cuaderno), sacar una foto y mandarlos a classroom “task 9”

Buen día.

Here you have the answers to last Monday’s activities.